Financial Planning*

Experience a holistic financial and insurance planning solution where all your investment, retirement, education, financial, and insurance needs are seamlessly addressed. Jon Schlueter, a Certified Financial Fiduciary® and RFC® with 32 years of expertise as a Financial Services Representative, refers to this comprehensive approach as "Solving the Puzzle of Financial and Insurance Planning."

Jon begins by collaboratively building a confidential financial profile for each client, considering factors like income, expenses, and individual requirements. Based on this, he crafts a customized financial plan designed to methodically grow your investments while strategically minimizing annual tax liabilities. He determines the ideal mix of products and services, ranging from cash and fixed income to equities and insurance products, to bring your financial plan to life. Throughout the journey, Jon diligently tracks and assesses your progress, ensuring your financial goals are met.

Our Services:

**Investment Planning**

Navigating the complex landscape of investment products and services can be overwhelming. Whether you're a novice or in need of guidance on your existing investments, Jon is your invaluable resource. He offers education and tailored recommendations regarding securities investments, including mutual funds, variable insurance, annuities, trusts, and other investment options aligned with your unique financial objectives.

**Retirement Planning**

It's never too early or too late to contemplate your retirement. In an era where people enjoy extended post-retirement lives, ensuring financial security during retirement is paramount. Jon can help you plan for retirement, regardless of your age or current retirement provisions. Even if you have Social Security and a company pension plan, it might not be enough to sustain your desired lifestyle. Jon can assist in determining the required retirement savings to safeguard your financial future.

**College Planning**

Investing in your child's education is a significant financial commitment. A college degree can significantly enhance your child's earning potential, but delaying a college savings plan can amplify the financial burden. While educational considerations are essential, financial aspects also play a crucial role. Jon's expertise can help you understand the costs associated with higher education and explore strategies to initiate savings promptly.

**Estate Planning**

Regardless of the size of your estate, estate planning is essential. It's a process that can be emotionally challenging but postponing it could have adverse consequences for your loved ones. Estate taxes can erode your intended legacy. Jon specializes in crafting a plan to maximize the inheritance for your heirs while minimizing the burden of taxes.

**Additional Services**

In addition to our core services, we offer a range of supplementary financial solutions, including 401(k) rollovers, IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLEs, 529 Educational IRAs, brokerage accounts, and debt reduction plans.

Embark on a comprehensive financial journey with Jon Schlueter, where your financial aspirations become attainable realities. We're your one-stop destination for comprehensive financial and insurance planning.