Lisa Giordano

Executive Assistant

Lisa’s background is so diverse that it’s amazing she found her way to Empire State Planning Group at all! After earning her bachelor’s degree in TV and Radio, she ended up working in human resources for more than 15 years. After taking a few years off to stay home with her young children, she decided to try her hand in education, working with elementary-aged children with special needs. And though she loved her work, when her friend Jon Schlueter asked if she was interested in a change, she couldn’t help but feel excited about the chance to work in a more structured (and quiet!) environment where she could put her organizational skills to work.

Lisa started working directly for Jon in August 2014. It’s a perfect location for her because she can be close to home and she loves working for Jon, largely because he’s so passionate about what he does. “Jon is a great boss, and he gives me lots of room to learn about the business so I can deliver the best possible service to our clients.” 

Lisa Giordano is not registered with Osaic Wealth, Inc.

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